Why Build A Liberal Organization On A College Campus

Usually I need to prove the below three points, and present each as a conclusion. And I will briefly prove them here. However, this handbook is intended for those who take these conclusions as assumptions and just want to learn what they need to do next:

  1. There can be a liberal movement in the United States.
  2. This movement can be built effectively from college campuses.
  3. It can most effectively be built out of College Democrat institutions on individual campuses around the country, if each is running at its full potential.

Proof of my 1st point: The potential for a liberal renaissance.

  • liberals are not ascendant right now
  • because conservatives built their own resurgence with long-term institutions which won them the war on ideas and elections for conservatives who followed that ideological perspective
  • even if the country wasn’t “ready” for liberal solutions, liberals can come back to power by copying conservatives and building institutions to win the war of ideas and elect those who share these ideas to power.

Proof of my 2nd point: The power of college campuses.

  • most college campuses have the right resources for liberal institutions
  • these resources make it a great place to build these movement institutions

Proof of my 3rd point: The power of government, and how to make it yours.

  • Government has power
  • there are methods for effecting and controlling this power
  • a College Democrats holds the best opportunity for directly effecting this power from a college campus

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