What Is The Point Of This Handbook

I want to help you build a successful liberal institution on your college campus. If we can build one on every college campus in the US, we can build a movement to change our country. I usually talk in terms of building a College Democrats institution, because I believe there is the most power to effect change by trying to influencing the more liberal and preeminent political party, but the advice in this handbook is not supposed to be limited to the College Democrats.

My main argument is that you’re wasting your time if you just build a club that reinvents itself every year; you have to build an institution that can continually build on the progress of the year before. Hopefully, I can convince you in this handbook not only to turn your club into an institution, but to explore institutional solutions for the three biggest problems faced by liberal organizations on college campuses.

This handbook doesn’t tell you what a liberal movement will look like, or deal with what it means to be a liberal. That is for you and your self-declared liberal institutions to decide, I only argue that institutions are necessary and offer some advice to help you build them.

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