Vice President

The Very, Very Important Job of Being Vice President
By Julia Moline VP 05-06

Specific Responsibilities:

1. Sit on the Activist Council. This is very important—the other two board members that sit on the council have specific obligations for the e-board, so you really act as the link between the board and the council. Remember though that you are a member of the council, not an overseer; you should assume responsibility for events and do your share.

2. Assume the duties of the President should the President at any time be unable to complete his/her reign. Evening gown optional.

3. Plan parties, say, “Well I am the vice president!” as many times as possible.

General Things:

1. Have a working understanding of every position on board and be able to assist each member with individual projects. This means, for example, knowing the process of inviting speakers and knowing how to use a voucher. Because this position doesn’t work with a specific subset of the Dems, you should know how to work with all of them.

2. Cultivate relationships with administrators. We put on so many different kinds of events that it’s important to know people in a wide range of offices (see guide to administrators). Work with the secretary to make sure the Dems are always on the good side of the administration.

3. Work with the president to make sure that you have a good balance. The organization is large, and one person can’t handle everything. The two of you should know everything that’s going on, but should allow for things to happen independently of your control.

4. Go to all events. This seems like a no-brainer and like it should go for everyone, but it’s a good idea to show your face at everything that every umbrella organization puts on. It’s not necessary to go to every meeting of every umbrella group (in fact it’s unadvisable), but you should be a part of what those organizations plan.

5. Plan some events. Don’t let the oversight responsibilities of this position stop you from taking your own initiative with events/umbrella groups/etc.

6. Network! Know your College Dems, their strengths, and what they have to offer. Exploit the Facebook.

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