The treasurer serves a unique role as the Executive Board member in charge of all Dems finances. The budgets for each of the umbrella groups must come from the organization's central budget, which is determined every year by the Student Governing Board (SGB) after the Student Councils allot a budget for SGB itself.

The conservative voice

  1. Dems budgets are very limited. They may seem large in comparison to other student groups, but they are tiny in comparison to the goals and size of the organization.
  2. No large event should go forward without cosponsorships. The Dems cannot afford to operate without significant outside money and an expensive event that cannot attract any other funding is probably not worth having.
  3. SGB has a buffer in the event that the Dems or other SGB groups go over budget, but the buffer is very small and the Dems will be punished in the next allotment if they exceed their budget by a significant amount.


  1. Do not rely on the records of the administration—they are slow, unreliable, and riddled with mistakes
  2. Keep copies of everything, especially reimbursements. These tend to disappear often.
  3. Follow through with other student groups about both incoming and outgoing cosponsorships. These are slow when successful and often fail to go through.
  4. Maintain a running total of Dems expenditures during the year. See number one about reliance on the SACBO reports.

Useful contacts

  • Student Affairs Central Business Office (SACBO) Financial Services Employee
    • Shatema Dockery
      • 212 854 9144
      • ude.aibmuloc|4132ds#ude.aibmuloc|4132ds
      • 405 Lerner Hall
      • This is the person who physically processes all of the Dems budget actions.
      • It is better to visit in person, especially for time-sensitive and otherwise sensitive actions.
      • Records here are more reliable than in SDA, but not very reliable.
      • Budget details must be obtained here, but these reports are notoriously unreliable.
      • Watch for staff changes.
  • Division of Student Affairs Advisor (SDA) Advisor
    • Cynthia Jennings
      • 212 854 1380
      • ude.aibmuloc|6812jc#ude.aibmuloc|6812jc
      • 515 Lerner Hall
      • This is the official advisor to the Dems. She must authorize all expenditures.
      • It is better to visit in person, especially for time-sensitive and otherwise sensitive actions.
      • Records are entirely unreliable and often unavailable.
    • Other SDA advisors
      • Other SDA advisors can sign vouchers, usually up to a limited amount (depending on who you talk to). This is useful when the office closes in ten minutes and you need a voucher for that night. Talk to whomever is at the front desk in the SDA office to see who is "on duty".
  • SGB Student Representative
    • Not announced for 2007-2008
    • This person changes every April with new SGB elections.
    • This person can sign vouchers up to $50 for their groups, although it is preferable to go through someone at the SDA office.
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