Student Governing Board

The Student Councils allocate money to student groups indirectly through six governing boards that deal with different facets of campus life. As the governing board in charge of political organizations (among others) on campus, the Student Governing Board (SGB) is the largest and most important, as well as the most under-funded, of the governing boards.

SGB consists of an eleven-member Executive Board elected every April. Members of this board determine the student group budgets and supervise the use of those budgets. SGB meetings do not follow Robert's Rules of Order, but rather follow a procedure more closely resembling the Floor Procedure of the U.S. House of Representatives in which the chair presides as a neutral party and only votes to break ties. Keep this in mind as the Dems follow Robert's Rules as of Spring 2007 with the passage of the McKenna Amendments.

SGB Executive Board members are typically active or past members of the more powerful groups in the SGB umbrella and their affiliations should be taken into account when addressing them. They are listed below.

2007-2008 SGB Executive Board

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