Space Request

You must formally request space for all events taking place on campus. There are separate guidelines for Columbia University and Barnard College reservations.

Space Request at Columbia University


The online request form may be found at the Lerner Hall website. Fill out the form completely, including as much detail as possible. Do not include the "official e-mail" of the Democrats Executive Board or Activist Council. This avoids everyone receiving space request confirmations. Our account number is 9-10136. Try to file the form at least a week in advance, but the farther in advance you file, the better. If you have not heard back from Lerner in 3 days, go to the Event Planning office on the 7th floor of Lerner Hall. There is a separate procedure for requesting Residence Hall lounges.

Event Planning Office

The space request coordinator in Lerner is Carol Arnold. She can usually look up the online request and process it immediately. Be grateful and apologetic. Genuflect. If you are having a space crisis, go see her. If you need space last minute, fill out a paper form in the office and bring it straight to her. Her assistant is Willamina Diaz-Gerloven. Willamina is super-nice, so on small requests you can start with her. Stick with Carol for big events and NEVER ask Willamina if Carol says no.

Requesting A Lounge

Residence Hall lounges follow a whole different policy! Fun! The request form can be found at the Housing website. Lounges can be good for study breaks, but remember that for most lounges, some attendees will have to be signed into the building.

Space Request at Barnard College


You will need to fill out 3 forms for space at Barnard (fewer for smaller events or for meetings): space, facilities, and safety/security. There are separate procedures for requesting space for big events, as opposed to smaller ones in classrooms.

Reserve Event Space

Space for events is requested through the Barnard Activities Office. Doris can make anything happen (make sure you send her a Barnard student!).

Reserve Rooms

This is done through the office currently in 14 Milbank. Speak with Nicole and make sure to submit the request at least a week in advance.

Nice Rooms

  • 304 Barnard Hall
  • Altschul Lecture Hall
  • 201 Altschul
  • 405 Milbank


  • Send or bring a Barnard student, ESPECIALLY to see Doris.
  • Remind whoever you are speaking with that CU Democrats is recognized by Columbia University and Barnard College.

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