The President

  • Is actually just a volunteer coordinator, not a dictator or real President. You can’t order anyone around, you can only ask people to do what they have either signed up to do or want do to in addition to that.
  • Is in charge of making sure people accomplish the minimum requirements of their E-Board position and all the additional responsibilities that they are free to take on.
  • Sets up the agendas for the weekly meetings, emailing them out the morning of the meeting so that members have time to add to the agenda.
  • Solve personality conflict problems between Dems leaders, keep up the team spirit of the Dems leaders, and build leadership potential/qualities in younger members.
  • Answers all emails written to the dems@ list serve or can delegate to those on the board interested in particular issues
  • Knows what the organization is doing and be able to assist or find assistance to those members who need help with their events/projects.
  • Is always planning for the future. It is important to leave the institution stronger than when you left it. Always pay attention for systemic problems and solutions with the organization and try to fix them. Is more interested in definitely fixing a problem for next time than rushing to get it right this time. We have to be in this fight for the long haul.

The President is not the one who gets all of the events accomplished or even micromanages to make sure the events go well. The organization is too large for one person to do everything, and definitely too large for one person to get everything done well. All of the events are delegated out to different Dems Executive Board members, the Activist Council, Umbrella Groups, or just active members – it is the president’s job to make sure that individuals on the Executive Board are accomplishing the responsibilities they said they would take on.

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