• Organize two or three teams that go at different times during the day/week so that everyone has a time when they can go postering.
  • Teams should meet at the same time and place each week so that confusion and laziness do not frustrate regular postering.
  • Each team must have its own leader who coordinates the postering activities and makes sure all their posterers show up. Consensus is important for brainstorming and decision-making; leadership is important for mundane tasks.


  • It's better to wallpaper a highly visible place with posters than to scatter them around different buildings.
  • Use a rasturbater to make huge images on the cheap.
  • Make full use of the resources of your academic institution; Adobe Photoshop, poster plotters, printers, copy machines, and rolls of large paper are usually available for free to the clever student.
  • Use prominent, recognizable logos and other methods of creating lasting images in the viewers of your posters. If you use posters with similar imagery or design every week, the effect can be cumulative. That said, be innovative! The same boring poster week on week will be ignored.

Josh Bolotsky started the Brand Democrat campaign at Columbia in 2005-2006 and collected a lot of great posters which have been filed at the brand democrat wiki-page.

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