Outreach Coordinator

Outreach coordinator is tasked with liasing with campus groups, other Dems in the city and state, and the state and national parties when appropriate. It's up to the Outreach Director to keep both the board and the body appraised of campus events and important city Dem events, as well as to coordinate co-sponsored events with on-campus groups.

I have only recently been elected to this position, so I don't have much practical information to share yet. I do know that the outreach director has a special opportunity to build connections on campus, which means he or she is often the primary face of the CU Dems to other groups.

Tools of the Trade

  • Emails

The Outreach coordinator alias, "moc.liamg|hcaertuOsmeD#moc.liamg|hcaertuOsmeD" should be on as many student group listservs as possible, giving the Dems easy access to information about other events.
More importantly, this officer must reach out to individual members in each major club to facilitate organically generated co-sponsored events, not just sign-offs on another group's event.

In this category also are the public schedules of any regional or national Democratic candidates who the CUDems may be able to help. It's as easy as calling them up and getting on the press list, and it means always knowing where Hil and Obamarama are!

  • Database

The Outreach coordinator should also keep a running list of current student leaders

Current Projects
The first major undertaking of this Outreach coordinator will be planning a large-scale student initiated anti-war rally for October 14.

-Kate Redburn

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