Executive Board

The Executive Board is the leadership arm of the College Democrats. Aside from the two executives, the president and the vice president, its members serve specialized functions within the organization.

As of Spring 2007, the positions were changed to reflect the changing role of the executive board and the leadership of the Activist Council and the Roosevelt Institution. Several of the executive board positions were changed in name and/or duties to reflect specific skillsets more accurately, the Lead Activists and the two executive leaders of the Roosevelt Institution were given voting powers, and the so-called "members-at-large" system of elections was eliminated.

Current Executive Board

PresidentJosh Lipsky
Vice PresidentChris Daniels
SecretaryIsabel Broer
TreasurerStephen Cox
Media DirectorJonathan Backer
Director of Social and Alumni AffairsKevin McKenna
Speakers CoordinatorNate Morgante
Membership DirectorAnna Brower
Outreach DirectorKate Redburn
Lead ActivistSarah Leonard
Lead Activist – Cassie Spodak
Lead Activist – Mara Richard
Lead Activist – Juan Lamata
President, Roosevelt InstitutionAdrian Haimovich
Vice President, Roosevelt Institution – Sonali Pillay
First Year Rep – TBD Elections Fall 2007
First Year Rep – TBD Elections Fall 2007

List of Past Executive Boards

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