Welcome to the Columbia Dems Wiki!

As of 15 July 2007, the wiki is being moved to a MediaWiki hosted on the Dems' website. Please make all future edits here.

This is intended to be a resource to help us pass along knowledge to future generations of Columbia Dems—anything from how to navigate Columbia's bureaucracy to planning a successful campaign trip to finding the right alums to network with. A wiki is an evolving resource, and it becomes whatever you make of it, so get to work!

For information on how to build a liberal student institution:

  • The Blue Print is an experimental wiki-handbook designed to help students build liberal institutions on college campuses across the nation. It offers advice for how to overcome the biggest hurdles to the progressive movement, is based on the collective experience of the Columbia Dems, and is meant to be a resource to progressive activists everywhere.

For more specifically Columbia Dems information:

  • Overview explains the purpose of the Dems, the general structure, and includes our constitution and other important institutional documents.
  • Knowledge is the how-to section, giving people and groups an opportunity to pass down knowledge related to their specific duties.
  • History of Columbia's College Dems can be found here.
  • Alumni & Networking section, including a comprehensive list of alumni and their contact information.

Using the Columbia Dems Wiki

These cetegories and pages are by no means comprehensive. The strength of a wiki as a resource is that it takes on whatever form its members proscribe. The more you add, edit, change, and improve, the better this becomes.

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